Illustrations of MuSIASEM: The metabolic pattern of Spain

28 November 2017
Metabolic pattern
National level

Illustrations of MuSIASEM: How does it work and what new insights can it provide?

Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism (MuSIASEM) is a novel tool to analyse the water-energy-food nexus. MuSIASEM provides meta-protocols to analyse the complex metabolism of social-ecological systems. They currently focus on water, energy, food, land-use and emissions, but other elements can be added. We like to call these meta-protocols ‘grammars’. MuSIASEM grammars can be applied to a wide variety of practical situations at various levels of analysis (local, regional, national, EU, watershed).

This case study focuses on the national level: The metabolic pattern of Spain.

How to apply MuSIASEM to characterise the metabolic pattern of a country?  The focus is on food, water, energy, human activity and power capacity.

Full details are available in Deliverable 4.1 - Report on Nexus Security using Quantitative Story-telling


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