Presentation1 SNet conference, Bergen, 13 October 2016

19 July 2017
water framework directive
Zora Kovacic (UAB)

Presentation of Zora Kovacic in the thematic session "The Nexus approach to the assessment of innovation policies" at the 8th annual S.Net meeting in Bergen, Norway, 12-14 October 2016. Title of the presentation: Desalination: Policy narratives and contexts of application.  

In several Mediterranean coastal areas and islands, desalination is portrayed as a viable water supply option to meet demand from residents, tourist activity, industries. Within this context, the presentation addressed (i) the evolution of water narratives in the Water Framework Directive and in Spain’s national policies; (ii) the role of technological innovation in the definition of water management strategies; (iii) the implications of the use of technological fixes in water management for access to water and public engagement.



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