EU Sustainable Energy Week

20 June 2019
EU Sustainable Energy Week
JRC Report Water-Energy Nexus in Europe
Renewable energies
water footprint

During 18 to 20 June 2019, MAGIC’s Bunyod Holmatov (University of Twente) joined thousands of other participants at the annual “EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW)” organized by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. The three-day event covered a wide range of issues from “Eco design and energy labels” to “What will fuel tomorrow’s mobility?”, and attracted representatives from private companies, NGOs, consumer groups, public authorities, researchers and concerned citizens (see the conference program and webcasts). Of particular interest to MAGIC were the sessions on “Every drop counts—The Water-Energy Nexus and its relevance across EU Policies”, and “Transitioning towards 100% renewables and the role of system flexibility”.

The former session saw the launch of the JRC Report Water-Energy Nexus in Europe —product of JRC’s transversal WEFE Nexus flagship project— that addresses the crosscutting domains of water and energy and related EC policy interdependencies, and to which MAGIC researcher Joep Schyns contributed water footprint data. As for the session on transitioning towards 100% renewables, the Q&A at the end of this session clearly showed that the complexity of producing renewable energies is not yet fully recognised. MAGIC still has a long road ahead…