Inaugural World Biodiversity Forum

27 February 2020
Inaugural forum
Global change

MAGIC, in the person of Raimon Ripoll Bosch (Wageningen University), actively participated in the Inaugural World Biodiversity Forum in Davos, Switzerland, from 23 – 28 February 2020.  The inaugural forum was organised by bioDISCOVERY, a Global Research Project (GRP) of FutureEarth, fostering collaborative interdisciplinary activities on biodiversity and ecosystem science, the University of Zurich and its Research Priority Programme on “Global Change and Biodiversity".  No less than 520 participants from 60 countries, ranging from the poles to the tropics, joined the event.  The final resolution adopted by acclamation by the participants of the inaugural World Biodiversity Forum is available on-line:

Our team from Wageningen University presented the results of their work on "Biodiversity conservation and agriculture: urgent need for agreements and monitoring" at the Forum. In doing so, MAGIC aims to contribute in particular to the resolution of 'Ensuring that the targets in the post-2020 framework balance the need for clarity and brevity with the need to recognise the complexity of nature and its contributions to people'.  More details on the study presented are available on our website.  Selected results have recently been published in the journal Ecological Indicators