MAGIC 'Ex-Phil' Keynote at 2020 SDG Conference Bergen

06 February 2020
Sustainable Development Goals
Technologies and partnerships

MAGIC coordinator Mario Giampietro gave a striking 'ExPhil' talk at the 2020 SDG Conference in Bergen under the provocative title "Sustainable Development Goals and Technical Innovations: Can we escape the fate of cyborg salmons?"  The keynote was part of the session "Technology, Innovation and Industrial Transformation: torchlight for sustainable solutions for climate action?", in which representatives from business and industry were invited to enter into dialogue with scientists on how to accelerate the speed with which we can achieve sustainability, and to manage this in a fair and inclusive way.  Moderator Roger Strand (University of Bergen) led the session's panel discussion with a pick of challenging questions from the public, such as: "How do we work with the 'eternal growth' mindset often prevalent in private businesses and transnational companies when moving towards a sustainable future?" 

The talk and ensuing panel discussing are available in streaming on YouTube.  The annual national SDG Conference Bergen was initiated by the University of Bergen and planned in dialogue with other Norwegian universities, the Ministry of Education and Research, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Following up on the inaugural 2018 conference, a national committee from the university sector in Norway was appointed to oversee the conference.  This third edition drew a public of no less than 300 delegates!