MAGIC results rouse interest at EU Conference on Modelling for Policy Support

29 November 2019
Science for Policy

More than 200 scientists and policy makers gathered at the EU Conference on Modelling for Policy Support in Brussels this past Tuesday and Wednesday (26-27 November) to identify common challenges and solutions in the use of models to support policy making. The event, organized by the Competence Centre on Modelling of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, focused on experiences, challenges and forging a way ahead in the context of various different policy areas. The discused policy areas included many of those of mutual interest to MAGIC—agriculture, energy, water and the environment. In particular, discussion revolved around foresight and forecasting for policy making, with special attention paid towards the role of uncertainty in modelling. Furthermore and lastly, transparency, consistency and quality of models all appeared as common themes throughout the conference.

MAGIC modelling results based on the 'multi-scale integrated accounting of societal and ecosystem metabolism' (MuSIASEM) framework—presented by Juan Cadillo Benalcazar, Ansel Renner and Mario Giampietro—aroused a great deal of interest and interaction. The presentations are available from our document repository as well as the conference website and can be viewed through the EC webcast, using the following links:

An accounting framework for the biophysical profiling of the European agricultural system, presented by Juan Cadillo Benalcazar and Ansel Renner

Making sustainability models more robust: dealing with the complexity of the metabolic pattern of social-ecological systems, presented by Mario Giampietro