Nexus projects team up in special session at ECCA 2019

30 May 2019
ECCA 2019
Water-energy-land nexus
Climate change
Integrated methods

Nexus projects CLISWELN, MAGIC, SIM4NEXUS and DAFNE teamed up in a special session on The water-energy-land nexus under climate change: from adaptation and mitigation case studies to services, products and implementation challenges at the 4th European Climate Change Adaptation conference (ECCA 2019): 'Working Together to Prepare for Change', Lisbon, 28–31 May 2019. The special session focused on the water-energy-land-food nexus and its implications for climate change adaptation at different scales (city, landscape, river basin, region, country, Europe) in a diversity of economic sectors and European and global areas under diverse climate impacts. The overall goal of the session was to open up a debate on how to implement the water-energy-food nexus under climate change in practice and how to avoid trade-offs at the policy-making level that may compromise sustainable futures.

MAGIC was represented at the ECCA 2019 by Maddalena Ripa (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and Tabea Lissner (Climate Analytics). Maddalena presented an application of Quantitative Story-telling (QST) addressing the policy priority of decarbonization in light of climate change and security concerns. She pointed out that, from a biophysical perspective, decarbonisation is not just a matter of replacing carbon-intensive with carbon-neutral electricity flows, but also of building and maintaining new infrastructure, which, in turn, is associated with GHG emissions. MAGIC results suggest that scenarios informing decarbonisation policies in the EU are optimistic and may lead to a narrow focus on sustainable production transformations. This minimises the perceived urgency of reducing overall energy consumption to stay within safe carbon budgets. Tabea's presentation focused on building resilient energy services systems, and the synergies and trade-offs between mitigation, adaptation and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Both presentations are available in our documents repository

The ECCA conference is the biggest climate change adaptation event in Europe and took place in Hamburg (2013), Copenhagen (2015) and Glasgow (2017), and this year in Lisbon, the city winner of the European Green Capital Award for 2020. From 28 to 31 May 2019 the city of Lisbon welcomed around 1200 attendees representing leading international bodies from: research, policymaking, national, regional and local authorities, practitioners, and non-governmental organisations.