Reframing sustainable transport narratives in the European Union

29 May 2019
Electric vehicle
Sustainable transport
European policy

MAGIC researcher Louisa Jane Di Felice attended the 2nd International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science, taking place at the Arizona State University campus of Tempe between May 28 and May 31. The theme of the conference was "Energy and Society in Transition". The international event brought together researchers addressing energy issues through a lens that is not only technical, but most importantly social, systemic and political.

Louisa presented a case study developed within MAGIC, assessing the quality of narratives underpinning the deployment of electric vehicles in the EU. During a panel session entitled "Evolving European policies", she discussed which narratives are being used in EU policy documents to frame electric vehicles, and whether taking a nexus, systemic perspective of the transport system falsifies these core narratives. The presentation is available in our documents repository.