Scientists and policymakers discuss EU energy system at EMP-E2019

08 October 2019
Energy modelling

EMP-E 2019 Conference: Modelling the implementation of 'A Clean Planet for All Strategy' | 8–9 October 2019 | EC DG RTD, Brussels

The annual meeting of the Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) has again brought together a large number of scientists and policy makers involved in the transformation of the European energy system to achieve the EU's ambitious decarbonisation targets. Key themes of the conference were 'pathways and scenarios towards the Paris agreement', 'achieving ambitious RES deployment in a multi-coupled European energy system', 'the effects of externalisation on decarbonisation pathways', and 'decarbonisation of cities: modelling energy transition, sector coupling and cross-sectoral challenges'.  

This year's edition was co-organized by MAGIC, in particular the plenary session on externalisation, featuring presentations by MAGIC's coordinator Mario Giampietro, MEDEAS coordinator Jordi Solé Ollé, and the EC policy officers Philippe Tulkens (DG RTD) and Alessandro Antimiani (DG Trade).