What should the post 2020 European Biodiversity Strategy look like?

19 June 2019
EU Biodiversity Strategy
Science Policy Interface

Researchers Mario Giampietro and Juan Cadillo Benalcazar (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) presented their MAGIC work at the ALTER-Net & EKLIPSE Conference 'The EU Biodiversity Strategy Beyond 2020: Research insights and needs for biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe', that was held from 17 to 19 June 2019 in Ghent, Belgium. The contributions of the UAB team focused on how to interface scientific information with the political process and on the use of MAGIC's analytical tool kit (MuSIASEM) to flag the growing reliance on trade (externalisation of food production and related environmental problems) to reduce the conflict between agriculture and ecosystem conservation in the EU. The outcomes the EKLIPSE expert working group on the IPBES Global Assessment, to which MAGIC contributed, were also presented at the conference. The presentations are available in our document repository. 

The broader discussion at the conference addressed the questions 'What should the post 2020 European biodiversity strategy look like?' and 'How will research contribute to this strategy and help to define its goals?', and built on the lessons learned from the implementation of the 2020 strategy and the recently released IPBES global assessment report. The conference saw the participation of policy officers from DG Environment, DG Research and the European Environment Agency, and researchers from leading European institutions. More details can be found in the conference program.