The Nexus Times

The Water-Agriculture Nexus Issue

In this latest publication we tackle governance of the nexus with a focus on water use in agriculture. An overarching theme is that of complexity– one cannot talk about comprehensive and robust agricultural policy without addressing the complexities involved.

Coupled monitoring of water and agricultural policies: The challenge of indicators

In the European Union, substantial effort has been made over the years regarding the integration of water and agricultural policies. Monitoring systems for water and agricultural policies, however, remain disjointed. What difficulties present themselves, and how might those difficulties be overcome?

Paying due attention to complexity in water governance for agriculture

MAGIC scientists in the Canary Islands use a desalination case study to better understand water scarcity issues in agriculture – their results show that governance solutions are far from simple and require a comprehensive analysis of the multifaceted and complex multi-scalar components involved.

The Hydra and Hydro-Governance in Tenerife: who defines the problems and who proposes the solutions?

David Romero Manrique from the Joint Research Centre in Italy uses the analogy of the mythological hydra monster to explain the paradoxes inherent in water scarcity governance issues in the Canary Islands - that is, that without first defining the problems, the wrong solutions can create even worse 'hydra head' problems.

Multiple perspectives on the water-use efficiency of food production

Joep Schyns and Arjen Hoekstra from the University of Twente investigate the critical issue of water-use efficiency in agriculture to show that different types of efficiencies exist - and that its important to pay due attention to water-use efficiency of consumption in order to develop robust policy.