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What are the tradeoffs in agriculture?

Why is the MAGIC project specialized on the water-energy-food nexus? Because the nexus matters crucially for many EU policies! In this issue, we discuss some of the nexus issues that concern agriculture and the challenge of feeding an increasing population.

The WEFE Nexus and the Common Agricultural Policy

The MAGIC Nexus project team has identified policy narratives that illustrate complexities and tradeoffs regarding the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the context of the water, energy, food and environment (WEFE) nexus. The importance of the Nexus for the Common Agricultural Policy

Planetary boundaries and the global food system: what about the farmers?

Planetary boundaries are usually framed in terms of natural constraints on the ecosystem, but constraints linked to society’s organization, especially our workforce, shouldn’t be ignored.

The land sharing vs. land sparing debate: Options to ensure food security while preserving biodiversity

Global agricultural production is increasing to meet our food needs as the world's population grows - but how can this expansion be reconciled with environmental concerns such as biodiversity loss and cultural practices?

VIDEO: How should we conceptualize 'food'?

Should we view the concept of food more in terms of its historical and geographical context versus its role as a commodity? Mario Giampietro of the UAB explains why the definition of 'food' is so important when analyzing agricultural systems. This except was taken from the 2017 UAB MOOC on socio ecological systems.  

VIDEO: Is agriculture just about food production?

Watch Mario Giampietro talk about the complexities of agriculture and how farming is more than just monoculture. This excerpt was taken from the 2017 UAB MOOC on socio-ecological systems: