D7.10 First report on fact sheets and policy briefs

30 November 2018
Policy briefing
Kovacic and Strand

Kovacic Z and Strand R. First report on fact sheets and policy briefs. MAGIC (H2020–GA 689669) Project Deliverable 7.10, 30 November 2018.



This deliverable presents a compendium of policy briefs produced by MAGIC up to November 2018, and comments on the policy briefing activities organised within the project. Policy briefs include (i) briefs on specific policy documents, and (ii) more general briefs and briefing activities on the narratives identified in the policy areas of energy, the Common Agricultural Policy, water, biodiversity and the circular economy.

The report reflects on the outcomes of briefing policy makers so far. The preliminary outcomes suggest that the analysis of policy narratives shifts the dialogue away from solution-oriented discourses. We believe that these first results are in line with the aims of MAGIC. As the project title “Moving towards Adaptive Governance In Complexity” indicates, the aim of the policy briefs is not to “speak truth to power” but rather to move the debate towards a plurality of partial-truths, sometimes contradictory truths, and devise roles for uncomfortable knowledge in policy processes.


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