Deliverable 2.2: Lessons Learned in Interaction with Policy Actors and Institutions

16 November 2020
Knowledge co-creation
Social actors
EU nexus policies
Uncomfortable knowledge
Ângela Guimarães Pereira et al.

Cite as: Guimarães Pereira Â., Cabello V., Romero Manrique Lara D., Rosa P., Waylen K., Blackstock K. (2020), Lessons Learned in Interaction with Policy Actors and Institutions, MAGIC (H2020–GA 689669) Project Deliverable 2.2, 16 November 2020.

Short summary: 

This is the final report for Deliverable 2.2, which accounts for the actors’ engagement in the case studies of work package 5 (Quality Check of Policy Narratives) and work package 6 (Quality Check of Innovation Narratives). MAGIC case studies sought the engagement of European policy and social actors in transdisciplinary teams to assess the WEF nexus implications of current and proposed policies and technological innovations. Additionally, MAGIC aimed to make space for controversial discussions involving the policy sphere as means to foster alternative thinking and co-creation of fit-for-purpose narratives. For this purpose, the idea of ‘uncomfortable knowledge’ was an interesting concept which encapsulates many of the scientific, societal and political controversies that were tackled along the project (see

Twenty researchers from seven different consortium’ members and with different backgrounds and levels of experience were actively involved in the engagement activities. Most of them participated in planning, executing and analysis tasks. The report gives an overview of the actors involved, methodologies, outcomes and challenges found in the processes of engagement of different actors in the extended peer review of WEF nexus narratives (or their absence) in policies and innovations. The report concludes with some recommendations and conceptual proposals for future projects seeking the engagement of actors in the co-creation of knowledge.