Deliverable 2.3: Lessons learned in operation of the Nexus dialogue platform

12 November 2020
Dialogue space
Online engagement
Social actors
Knowledge sharing
Angela Guimarães Pereira et al.,

Cite as: Guimarães Pereira, Â., Romero Manrique, D., Cabello, V., Corral Quintana, S., Rosa, P. (2020), 'Lessons learned in operation of the Nexus dialogue platform', MAGIC (H2020–GA 689669) Project Deliverable 2.3, 12 November 2020.


The MAGIC project has developed from scratch a platform to sustain possible online dialogue among different actors throughout the duration of the project, incorporating at a later stage proprietary commercial software to support online dialogue functionality. This document describes the practical implementation of the online MAGIC Dialogue platform as both an interactive repository of information and a knowledge sharing space.  It provides a general overview of the main components and tools of the MAGIC Dialogue platform, and how these different elements have been implemented and deployed. The specific objectives of the platform were: (1) create an online space for dialogue between MAGIC team members, scientific experts and European staff working in different offices; (2) to facilitate the interaction with EU institutions in relation to the activities of MAGIC; (3) extend the number and the type of social actors involved in the knowledge sharing and in the quality check the social robustness of the narratives behind the framing of the nexus; (4) accommodate the material produced and the activities taking place around the Nexus Knowledge Hub.

The report summarises the views MAGIC researchers who made use of the different tools and provided their experience, perspectives and recommendations regarding the usability and validity of the platform to interact with different institutions and organisations. In order to extend the dialogue to European citizens, the dialogue tool platform was also tested in the Canary Islands region (WP6 – Alternative Water Sources innovation) whereby an online engagement exercise regarding the topic of sustainable and healthy food was conducted.