Deliverable 3.3: Report on Datasets and Tools Supporting Quantitative Story-Telling

10 November 2020
Nexus Information Space
Software tools
Data handling
Siciliano R. et al.

Cite as: Siciliano R., Staiano M., Nebot Medina, R. et al., (2020), 'Report on Datasets and Tools Supporting Quantitative Story-Telling', MAGIC (H2020–GA 689669) Project Deliverable 3.3, 10 November 2020. 

Summary: This deliverable provides key results about the MAGIC data in the form of established guidelines and checklists for quality assurance in the production, handling, and long term availability of datasets not only for reproduction of the analyses done in MAGIC but also for reuse outside of the project. The developed ecosystem of software tools – made available in the form of open-source code – allows performing diverse quantitative analyses: from the selection of the most suitable model to the visualization of the results. The software tools enable the operationalization of the MuSIASEM 2.0 approach and are apt to foster its learning and adoption by other researchers and practitioners.

Open source code: The open source code of the software tools described in this deliverable are available on GitHub:

Updates: Annex 3 of this deliverable has been recently updated and expanded. Please refer to the revised version (version 1.4) of this Annex below.