Deliverable 7.12: EU Learn Training Material

06 November 2020
Uncomfortable Knowledge
WEF Nexus
EU Learn
Progressive disclosure
Audiovisual material
Giampietro et al.

Cite as: Giampietro M., Renner A., Cabello V., Guimarães Pereira A., Strand R., Völker T. & Peñate Suárez B. (2020), 'EU Learn Training Material', MAGIC (H2020 – GA 689669) Project Deliverable 7.12, 6 November 2020.

Link to the training material: (project website) and (permanent platform)


An overview is provided of the teaching and training material based on the MAGIC toolkit and the quantitative story-telling approach developed for the engagement with EU staff through the EU Learn scheme and made available to the general public. The EU Learn training took place in October 2020. The programme, titled ‘Uncomfortable knowledge in the WEF nexus governance” offered both a critical review of different cases analysed within MAGIC and a mix of methodological approaches to critically examine current narratives that sustain sectoral policy around the vertexes of the water-energy-food nexus. The full training included a series of pre-recorded lectures and four interactive sessions. The pre-recorded lectures consisted of eight 15-30 minutes videos (totaling 158 min 35 sec) spread across four thematic groupings. The four 90-minute interactive events were organized in precise dates and times, allowing the participants to interact directly by Q/A with the lecturers and other MAGIC partners. An overview is also provided of the Uncomfortable Knowledge Lecture (UKL) series, which directly expands on the EU Learn programme, but is organized according to the principle of “progressive information disclosure”. It includes twenty-two video lectures spread across six thematic groupings, totaling 251 min 45 sec. The UKL series has been made available to the general public through the MAGIC website and permanent platform.



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