EMP-E 2019 Presentations

22 October 2019
EMP-E 2019
Energy Modelling
Mario Giampietro

Presentations at the Plenary Session II: 'The effects of externalisation on decarbonisation', organised by MAGIC and MEDEAS, at the ​EMP-E 2019 Conference:  'Modelling the implementation of A Clean Planet For All Strategy'.

Speaker I: Dr. Alessandro Antimiani (European Commission, DG Trade): “Trade and climate change: issues and modeling”
Speaker II: Dr. Jordi Solé Ollé (Institut de Ciències del Mar - ICM-CSIC, Barcelona): "Renewable Transition and 'Energy Cannibalism': Net energy and energy payback time"
Speaker III: Dr. Mario Giampietro (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - ICREA): "Modelling the effects of structural changes and terms of trade"
Speaker IV: Dr. Philippe Tulkens (European Commission, DG RTD): “Climate and Planetary Boundaries”

The program of the event is available on the EMP-E 2019 website