ERSCP 2019 Presentations

22 October 2019
Sustainable production and consumption
Circular economy

Presentations of MAGIC project results at the 19th European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (ERSCP 2019), 15-17 October 2019, Barcelona: 

Pérez-Sánchez L, Velasco-Fernández R & Giampietro M, 'Working time and energy consumption in global production networks: The roles of the EU, China and USA' (16 October 2019);

Manfroni M, Velasco Fernández R & Giampietro M, 'The profile of human time allocation across hierarchical levels of organization as an emergent property of the societal metabolic pattern' (16 October 2019);

Velasco-Fernández R, Pérez-Sánchez L & Giampietro M, 'Beyond technical energy efficiency: Insights of societal metabolism and social practices theory' (17 October 2019).