Introducing Societal Metabolism Analysis via ‘MuSIASEM'

19 November 2019
Societal metabolism
Social-ecological system
Sustainable development goals


Title: Introducing Societal Metabolism Analysis via ‘MuSIASEM'

Authors: Kerry A. Waylen, Kirsty L. Blackstock, Keith B. Matthews, Mario Giampietro 

Date: November 2019


Many methods promise to offer insights about aspects of sustainability. The Societal Metabolism Analysis at the heart of the MAGIC project differs from most by offering a way to characterise patterns of consumption and production associated with the metabolic patterns of different systems, thus enabling analysts to look across sectors and scales. This method supports an integrative and holistic perspective that can be used to reflect on the long-term feasibility and viability of existing and alternative social-ecological systems. This helps us better understand – and plan for – Europe’s contributions to the interconnected Sustainable Development Goals of UN Agenda 2030. This briefing explains some basic concepts of MuSIASEM, some examples of its application, and gives sources of further information.


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