Reclaimed water for agriculture. The case of the Canary Islands

28 November 2018
Alternative water sources
Reclaimed water
Water reuse
Canary Islands


Title: Reclaimed Water for agriculture -The case of the Canary Islands. Is it possible to cover the demand for irrigation by water reuse?

Authors: Baltasar Peñate Suárez & Adrián Monterrey Viña (Instituto Tecnológico De Canarias)

Date: November 2018


General view


The alternative water resources in the Canary Islands (desalted and reclaimed water) are an alternative in view of the scarce underground resources and satisfy some of the demand for water for the irrigation of agriculture, mainly export crops. The reuse of treated waters began in the late 1980s in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, while at the same time reducing dumping into the sea. Desalinated water was introduced earlier but it was less used as a result of the energy cost.

The wastewater treatment has increased in the islands at the same time as its reuse for agriculture, however, it is still necessary to improve the planning, information to users and to establish better handling.