Energy Modelling and The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Conundrum

26 September 2018
EC, CDMA Building, Brussels
MAGIC Nexus Focus Group at EMP-E 2018

September 26th, 2018 | Brussels |

The water-energy-food (WEF) or resource nexus comprises the numerous linkages between different natural resources that arise from economic, political, social, and natural processes.  Instead of focusing on one single element (e.g., energy) for efficient resource use and management, the nexus concept highlights the interlinkages among the WEF systems and their related conversion pathways through common production and consumption chains. The applicability of nexus analysis spans from the sectoral or regional to the national and international scale. 
This focus group aimed at placing energy modelling in a broader context, by linking energy to other elements of the resource nexus and moving beyond energy policy to the broader sustainable development goals. It focused on the discussion of novel (unorthodox) methodological frameworks and models that consider the resource nexus across scales and dimensions, their challenges, and their potential to enrich modelling capacity for policy-making. Topics of discussion included the impact of outsourcing (externalization) of production processes (food, manufacturing) on carbon emissions; the extent to which energy models can inform resource nexus policy making; challenges and potentialities of quantitative representations and models of the resource nexus. Participants included representatives of the academic world, the European Commission DG RTD and DG JRC, and the European Parliament.

The focus group "Energy Modelling and The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Conundrum", organized by MAGIC, formed part of the EMP-E conference 2018 'Modelling Clean Energy Pathways' and took place on the 26th of September 2018 in Brussels.

The program of the focus group can be downloaded below.

More details on the Energy Modelling Platform for Europe and the program of the EMP-E conference 2018 'Modelling Clean Energy Pathways' are available here.




EC, CDMA Building, Brussels
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