Water scenario and modelling narratives: Moving towards quality narratives in water policy.

26 February 2018
JRC Ispra, Bld. 100/1003 (Room Acqua)

February 26th – 27th, 2018 | JRC Ispra.

Modelling and scenarios that concern water governance imply various narratives and normativities that, often times, are not explicitly recognized by their developers and their users. In a policy context, we can argue that policies, models and scenarios are responsive to or ‘co-produce’ each other. This workshop aims at looking critically at existing policy- and modelling-narratives focusing on both the water dimension and broader implications for the WEFE nexus. Building on that, a further objective is to enable and initiate discussions that explore how current water narratives correspond to societal expectations and how they respond to complexities and uncertainties posed by the WEFE nexus. The expected outcomes of this workshop are re-fined narratives that will inform subsequent modelling and scenario work in the WEFE flagship project.

Day 1 of the workshop will – through a series of talks and discussions - serve as a possibility to exchange experiences with colleagues from the H2020 project MAGIC. This project currently develops methodologies to tackle challenges related to the water-energy-food nexus through an approach called ‘Quantitative Storytelling’. Furthermore our former colleague Andrea Saltelli will talk about Sensitivity Auditing.

Day 2 will build on the inputs of day one and is designed to allow for interactions between scientists and policy makers. After starting out with brief inputs on the models used in the WEFE flagship project, this day is organized around three separate group discussions, which aim at enabling a constructive discussion about assumptions embedded in both policy narratives and models applied and developed in the WEFE flagship project.

The outcomes of the workshop are summarized in the following report: Guimarães Pereira, Â. & Völker, T. (2020), Water scenario and modelling narratives. Moving towards quality narratives in water policy, Ispra: European Commission, 2020. JRC115609. The report can be freely downloaded below.


JRC Ispra, Bld. 100/1003 (Room Acqua)
2749 Via E. Fermi
IspraProvincia di Varese 21027

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