Explain Quantitative Story Telling!


Explain Quantitative Story Telling!

Could you kindly explain the meaning of quantitative Story telling? How can it be applied? Who can apply it? Thanks.

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Analysis of the quality of proposed policies and narratives on governance

Quantitative Story-Telling (QST) involves a participative and deliberative analysis of the quality of proposed or available policies and narratives on governance.

QST proceeds at first and foremost ‘via negativa’, using a method of falsification of the available options with respect to:

  • feasibility (compatibility with external constraints);
  • viability (compatibility with internal constraints); and
  • desirability (compatibility with normative values adopted in the given society).

This analysis – to be performed participatively with parsimonious use of mathematical modelling and quantification – will test whether any ‘impossibility’ or bottleneck can be identified which allows a framing or option to be falsified (in the sense of proven false). A key step in the identification of the feasibility, viability and desirability domains entails looking through different lens – i.e. dimensions and scales of analysis.

Source: M. Giampietro (2017): Structuring the perception (qualitative) and representation (quantitative) of the nexus with new concepts and narratives. In: Report on Nexus Security using Quantitative Story-Telling. MAGIC (H2020–GA 689669) Project Deliverable 4.1.