EU DataViz 2019: visualization experts and solution seekers engage in shared public policy domain of application

12 November 2019
EU DataViz 2019
Data visualization
Public policy domain

On  Tuesday 12 November 2019, the EU DataViz 2019 conference brought to Luxembourg City some 350 visualization experts. The highly international cohort included a diverse group of professionals, administrators, and academics from both the public sector and the private sector. The Autonomous University of Barcelona's Ansel Renner reports: “It’s no exaggeration to say the excitement there was contagious, and the sense of commitment and devotion was tangible. There was an impressive level of know-how and a welcome, humbling, exchange of ideas between all attendees.”

The conference represents the first of it’s kind—a forum for data visualization experts and solution seekers engaged in a shared public policy domain of application. In the MAGIC project, in informing adaptive governance in complexity, data visualization needs are no trifling matter. Data visualization efforts, or, perhaps, information visualization efforts, must constantly juggle exploratory and explanatory modes—user-driven and author-driven storytelling. Issues of sustainability furthermore imply, by default, self-contradictory sets of relevant narratives. Actions must nevertheless be taken, decisions made.

We continue to share and refine our own approach of quantitative story-telling with techniques and tactics learned and confirmed.