Insights from MAGIC at Exploratory JRC Workshop on Energy Transition

20 March 2018
Energy transition
Complex systems
Social practices

Mario Giampietro provided insights gained from MAGIC research at the Exploratory Workshop Energy Sustainability in the Transition to Renewables: Framings from Social Practices and Complex Systems Theories, organised by the European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Ispra (Italy), 20-21 March 2018.

The transition to renewable energies envisaged by research and policy strategies worldwide is often depicted as just a matter of technological substitution that will not affect our lifestyles. But it may be highly disruptive to many businesses and economies and would require a radical reorganization of social life that is not thoroughly studied and, most probably, cannot be anticipated in most instances. This exploratory workshop gathered some of the leading scholars working on complex systems and social practices theories in order to explore the existing understanding of the challenges entailed by a radical transition to renewables and to formulate practical policy and research recommendations.

The event was an exploratory research activity awarded to Unit JRC.C.02 (Energy Efficiency and Renewables) and Unit JRC.I.02 (Foresight, Behavioural Insights & Design for Policy) of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC). It was a follow up activity of a transdisciplinary experts’ roundtable organized by the JRC in 2015 that led to the publication of a book with Springer. The program and presentations are available here.

The presentation by MAGIC's Mario Giampietro is also available in our document repository.