IST 2018 Conference: How complex is too complex?

12 June 2018
Quantitative story-telling
WEFE Nexus
Sustainability transition
European Commission

"How complex is too complex?" Three very different projects on the WEFE nexus, among which MAGIC, shared common learning points around setting boundaries on complexity and balancing bold messages with appropriate detail at the 9th International Sustainability Transitions Conference (IST 2018) in Manchester (12 June 2018). In a special session on "Sustainable Consumption and production across domains: The ‘nexus’ as a locus of analysis", Iain Soutar (University of Exeter - "Stepping Up"), Alison Browne (University of Manchester - "Reshaping the domestic nexus"), and MAGIC's Kirsty Blackstock (The James Hutton Institute) offered a diverse collection of perspectives on the role of nexus analysis in developing a richer understanding of the reconfiguration of consumption and production systems. Drawing on a range of disciplines, theoretical approaches, and methodologies, presentations offered critical insights into the interaction of practices (production, consumption, and waste) and innovations (both technological and social/organizational innovations) across scales (household, firm, sectoral, national, and international) and domains (water, food, energy, climate), thereby contributing to discussions around decision-making across all levels of governance in enabling, supporting, and resisting processes of transition.

The presentation of Kirsty Blackstock, entitled "What we have learnt from Quantitative Story Telling (QST) at the European Commission?" is available in our document repository.