MAGIC launches Uncomfortable Knowledge Hub

04 December 2020
Uncomfortable Knowledge
WEFE Nexus

MAGIC proudly launches its Uncomfortable Knowledge Hub (UKH), a legacy of more than four years of interdisciplinary environmental and social research into the water-energy-food-environment (WEFE) nexus. A key experience of the MAGIC project was that many WEFE Nexus issues, in policy domains such as the common agricultural policy, energy directives, the circular economy and others, to a high degree involve uncomfortable knowledge.

The late social scientist Steve Rayner wrote: "To make sense of the complexity of the world so that they can act, individuals and institutions need to develop simplified, self-consistent versions of that world. The process of doing so means that much of what is known about the world needs to be excluded from those versions, and in particular that knowledge which is in tension or outright contradiction with those versions must be expunged. This is uncomfortable knowledge."

A key policy recommendation of MAGIC was that silos in WEFE Nexus governance should be overcome by promoting the uptake and use of uncomfortable knowledge. The UKH seeks to continue MAGIC’s dialogue with policy actors, the academic community and interested members of civil society by opening up the discussion to alternative problem framings.

The official launch of the UKH will take place in the form of an Inaugural Webinar Debate with the participation of MAGIC researchers Mario Giampietro, Silvio Funtowicz, Roger Strand and Angela Guimaraes Pereira. More details here: