Nexus projects share insights at Cluster Meeting in Brussels

29 October 2019
Nexus Cluster
Policy support
Methods and tool
Stakeholder engagement
Knowledge co-production

On 29 October 2019, about 25 researchers from several nexus projects, including MAGIC, discussed insights with representatives from EASME, DG AGRI, DG RTD and DG CONNECT at the EASME premises in Brussels.

The meeting focused on various aspects of the nexus, including progress in methods and tools for assessing the nexus, how to provide policy support, the nexus in Horizon 2020, data sharing, and education. In particular, the importance, and difficulties of stakeholder engagement were a recurrent theme at the meeting and MAGIC’s approach to design, implementing and evaluating knowledge co-production received a great deal of interest. For example, we discussed both the process and the outcomes of engaging with policy makers around the Sustainable Development Goals (see our policy brief). Participants discussed the need to move beyond nexus as a concept to nexus as a lens for improving implementation of policy/innovations and a focus on evaluating how taking a nexus approach improves outcomes. The link to ‘nature’ and nature-based solutions was picked up as a gap at the meeting, and data sharing using common databases was strongly encouraged by EASME.

The advances in MAGIC nexus research presented at the meeting by Kirsty Blackstock (The James Hutton Institute) are available in our document repository