The Nexus Times Book is out!

23 September 2020
The Nexus Times
Water-Energy-Food Nexus

The MAGIC consortium proudly released its book: The Nexus Times! This book is an attempt at providing glimpses of Nexus issues in an accessible form for a general audience. It consists of short and sometimes very short articles that originally were published in our on-line newsletter with the same title. A range of topics related to sustainability, energy production, water management, climate and economy are explored and discussed in the book. The contributors call attention to the current topics at the time. Each chapter represents an issue of the newsletter and takes on a different theme by presenting a handful of opinion pieces written by different members of the MAGIC consortium. We would like to emphasize that the texts are opinion pieces and not in any way pretends to present a comprehensive overview of issues nor go into much scientific detail. The pieces are written in order to stimulate thought and debate. We hope we achieved our purpose!

The PDF version of the book can be freely downloaded here: This PDF version was released on 23 September 2020. A Kindle and printed version are forthcoming; links will be provided on the publisher's website.