EU Sustainable Energy Week

20 June 2019

EU Sustainable Energy Week

During 18 to 20 June 2019, MAGIC’s Bunyod Holmatov (University of Twente) joined thousands of other participants at the annual “EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW)” organized by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. The three-day event covered a wide range of issues from “Eco design and energy labels” to “What will fuel...

19 June 2019

What should the post 2020 European Biodiversity Strategy look like?

Researchers Mario Giampietro and Juan Cadillo Benalcazar (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) presented their MAGIC work at the ALTER-Net & EKLIPSE Conference 'The EU Biodiversity Strategy Beyond 2020: Research insights and needs for biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe', that was held from 17 to 19 June 2019 in Ghent, Belgium. The...

08 June 2019

Mind the gap: where are the holes in energy efficiency social sciences research?

Tessa Dunlop presented at the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Summer Study held in Giens, France between June 3 and 8, 2019. The researcher, who works at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, looked at the social sciences gaps in energy efficiency research in the context of MAGIC's critical examination of EU energy policy. This comes...

ECCA 2019

30 May 2019

Nexus projects team up in special session at ECCA 2019

Nexus projects CLISWELN, MAGIC, SIM4NEXUS and DAFNE teamed up in a special session on The water-energy-land nexus under climate change: from adaptation and mitigation case studies to services, products and implementation challenges at the 4th European Climate Change Adaptation conference (ECCA 2019): 'Working Together to Prepare for...

ERSS 2019

29 May 2019

Reframing sustainable transport narratives in the European Union

MAGIC researcher Louisa Jane Di Felice attended the 2nd International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science, taking place at the Arizona State University campus of Tempe between May 28 and May 31. The theme of the conference was "Energy and Society in Transition". The international event brought together researchers addressing energy...

28 May 2019

Agricultural policy for the environment or environmental policy for agriculture?

MAGIC's Keith Matthews (The James Hutton Institute) participated in a two day seminar on the topic – Agricultural policy for the environment or environmental policy for agriculture, jointly hosted by The EU Commission and the European Association of Agricultural Economics. This brought together researchers and policy makers to discuss the nexus...

24 May 2019

Wicked Tensions of Sustainability Transition

MAGIC coordinator Mario Giampietro gave a keynote in the Wicked Tensions of Transition session of the 2019 conference of the Canadian Society of Ecological Economics (CANSEE 2019), that took place on the CIGI Campus of the University of Waterloo (Ontario) from 22 to 25 May 2019. Together with speaker Katie Kish, and drawing on the results of MAGIC,...

14 May 2019

Public discussion on the multidisciplinary work required to understand and improve water management

In the context of the EU Green Week, Scotland Europa has organized a public discussion on the importance of multidisciplinary work for understanding and improving water management. Kerry Waylen from the James Hutton Institute (Scotland) will present the experiences of MAGIC in exploring the narratives underpinning European policies and their...

07 May 2019

Public Debate: Environmental concerns of the city of Barcelona

How can academic research on issues like climate change, energy transition, biodiversity and air pollution be effectively linked to municipal management? This was the focus of the public date organized by Barcelona En Comú on Tuesday 07 May 2019 and that took place at the Universitat de Barcelona.  Mario Giampietro and Raúl Velasco Fernández...

27 March 2019

New Nexus Times Issue: Transport Trade-offs

This quarter our scientists tackle the issue of transportation, an important issue for the study of the nexus. It is both the target of innovative solutions that may help solve the challenges of energy and climate, and the source of challenges and trade-offs in sustainability governance. An example of innovative solutions are electric vehicles that...