Trade-offs and synergies between food, feed and bioenergy production

31 August 2018
Food-Fuel-Feed Nexus
Synergies & Trade-offs

Abigail Muscat (Wageningen University & Research) presented her work on balancing trade-offs and synergies between food, feed and bioenergy production at the SDG conference 'Towards Zero Hunger - Partnerships for Impact', which took place 30-31 August 2018 in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Abigail presented to a mixed group of 25 development professionals and researchers interested in how synergies can be increased across the SDGs (Session S10, ‘Synergies and trade-offs between specific SDGs, local and global settings’, Friday, 31 August 2018). Much of the discussion focused on findings ways to identify synergies and address trade-offs within and between SDG2 Zero Hunger and other SDGs. This process helps with connecting the scientific evidence with policy-making, acting as a ‘quality check’ on what’s feasible, viable and desirable to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals given the biophysical, socio-economic and societal constraints. 

The main outcomes of the session were: (i) Synergies and trade-offs are everywhere and they are important. They do not only exist between SDGs but also between local and global levels; (ii) Awareness and transparency about trade-offs and synergies between SDGs on all levels is necessary. Open dialogue is necessary to determine the type of action needed; (iii) SDGs alone are not enough, we need necessary intangibles. Development is not a checklist, long-term commitment is required to make it work.

Abigail's presentation is available in our document repository