UKH Webinar: Altered States: Cartesian and Ricardian dreams

14 April 2021
Uncomfortable Knowledge
Cartesian dream
Ricardian dream

This coming April 14th, 2021, Erik Reinert and Andrea Saltelli join the discussion on Uncomfortable Knowledge, offering insights on how the Cartesian and Ricardian dreams have contributed to the modern crisis in science and economics. They will address the following questions among others:

Until around 1900 most US economists got their education in Germany, and until after WW II knowledge of German was a requirement to become an economist in the US. During the 1950s the language requirement was changed from German to mathematics. What has this done to the way we understand the world?

The Cartesian Dream of prediction and control, of harmony in the running of human affairs with the power of mathematics, has never being more real. Visible and invisible numbers shape our economies, upend our laws, determine our directions of progress, and increasingly colonize any aspect of the real. How did we get there? How can we resist?

Join us on Wednesday, April 14th, 17:00 – 18:30 (CET) // 11:00 – 12:30 (EST) to learn more. Be sure to read Erik and Andrea’s recent blog post on the Hub and come prepared with an open mind.

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