The Nexus Times

How do we tackle nexus governance?

The nexus between water-energy-food can be defined in many ways, as a matter of interconnections, trade-offs and linkages. But perhaps one of the most important ways it should be conceived is as a governance issue. The institutions, coordination and rules concerning sustainability problems across the nexus are crucial to its effective governance.

WHERE do we govern the Nexus?

In Europe and beyond there is a growing interest in how we might manage and govern the water-energy-food nexus. The nexus is complex, contested, and difficult to resolve with existing solutions. Therefore, understanding and intervening in the nexus not only requires new diagnostic methods and combinations of technical innovations, but also needs...

Governing by numbers?

Numbers matter. Measuring policy effectiveness requires a significant investment of time, money and institutional support. But is the European Commission paying enough attention to how metrics are influencing governance processes? This article takes a look at quantification through a governance lens to understand how choices of quantification may...

Complexity in Nexus Governance

Whatever the water-energy-food-environment Nexus is, everybody tends to agree that it is complex. Unfortunately, nobody agrees what it means to be complex. In this piece, I claim that more time ought to be spent on serious discussion about what complexity is and what it entails for our possibilities to achieve some kind of governance of the Nexus.