The Nexus Times

The Water-Energy Nexus Issue

The overlap between the water and energy sectors is one of the most significant yet least understood relationships of the water-energy-food nexus. In this December issue, our three articles tackle the water-energy nexus by investigating water governance issues, quantification of water flows and water-energy technologies.

The origins of the “nexus”: a water governance concern

The term ‘nexus’ was originally spearheaded by the food and beverage industry as part of the ‘green growth’ agenda, and since then has been applied to a wide range of issues. With such a broad meaning will the ‘nexus’ concept help or hinder future water governance efforts?

Water for energy: quantifying the massive amounts of water that go unaccounted for

We crunch the numbers to investigate the characteristics and size of an often invisible, yet important water flow – non-consumptive use in the energy sector - and look at how we can improve water governance using better-defined and more comprehensive accounting methods.

Desalination is a viable nexus technology: but local conditions are key

Investigating desalination as a water-energy nexus technology in the Canary Islands, Spain, we look how this controversial technology, known for its large energy footprint, can be viable technology in cases where renewable energy sources are readily available together with effective management strategies.