Find out how MAGIC provides a critical appraisal of water-energy-food nexus narratives through quantitative storytelling

Mario Giampietro

Europe is facing a paradox where "adding agricultural land is a liability" despite having highly advanced farming systems, argues Mario Giampietro of the UAB. This excerpt was taken from the 2017 UAB MOOC on socio-ecological systems.  

agricuture, food, socio-ecological systems
Mario Giampietro

Should  we view the concept of food more in terms of its historical and geographical context versus its role as a commodity? Mario Giampietro of the UAB explains why the definition of 'food' is so important when analyzing agricultural systems.

Tessa Dunlop

Increasing energy efficiency helps to use resources more economically. But what if greater efficiency in a complex system actually uses up more energy resources overall? This video explains this paradox of energy efficiency, also known as Jevons Paradox.

Energy Efficiency
Tessa Dunlop

Find out what narratives and indicators can be used to understand the Circular Economy in this video.

Circular Economy