MAGIC's Uncomfortable Knowledge Series

Efficiency is framed as an essential part of a sustainable energy transition - but what does efficiency actually measure, and is there such thing as a universal indicator for efficiency?

Uncomfortable knowledge, Energy efficiency, Energy transition, Indicators
MAGIC's Uncomfortable Knowledge Series

Biofuels have accumulated quite a history in Western policy discourses. What does the future hold for them? Are they competitive? If not, why not and are they likely to ever be?

Uncomfortable Knowledge, Biofuels, Energy Policy, Climate Change
Akke Kok

The Netherlands has targets for nature conservation and biodiversity. As part of the nature strategy, agricultural land is converted into nature. In some cases, this requires the reduction of the nutrient content of the agricultural soil, to make it suitable for native plants. This video illustrates the many facets of this process of nature development from the perspective of a dairy farmer.

Environmental protection, Agriculture

Find out how MAGIC provides a critical appraisal of water-energy-food nexus narratives through quantitative storytelling

Mario Giampietro

Europe is facing a paradox where "adding agricultural land is a liability" despite having highly advanced farming systems, argues Mario Giampietro of the UAB. This excerpt was taken from the 2017 UAB MOOC on socio-ecological systems.  

agricuture, food, socio-ecological systems