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In this video, we ask a policy expert at the European Environment Agency about how science is used for policy. What happens when there are contradictory scientific explanations? And what happens when there is uncertainty and the science is not complete?

Science for policy, Uncertainty
MAGIC's Uncomfortable Knowledge Series

Renewable energy power capacity in modern times typically takes the form of solar photovoltaic and wind turbine technologies. What are the issues of a large scale energy transition based on intermittent renewable electricity such as is produced by solar and wind?

Uncomfortable Knowledge, Renewable energy, Intermittency, Power capacity
MAGIC's Uncomfortable Knowledge Series

Circular bioeconomy has become a popular concept in sustainability narratives - but what would a shift to a circular bioeconomy actually entail, and what changes are we ready to make?

Uncomfortable Knowledge, Circular Bioeconomy
MAGIC's Uncomfortable Knowledge Series

What are the implications of electric vehicle uptake in the European Union? What are some potential environmental issues of electric vehicles, and how could they be mitigated?

Uncomfortable Knowledge , Electric Vehicle, Mobility futures, Batteries
MAGIC's Uncomfortable Knowledge Series

What are the implications of complexity in quantifying sustainability challenges, and what does this mean in terms of science advice to policy?

Uncomfortable Knowledge, Complexity, Sustainability Science, Science Policy Interface